✎ Anonymous: I do like Alex's new sunglasses but for some reason I find them really feminine haha

Not a bad thing.

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As amusing as that is — nobody ever tweet him shit like that, for God’s sake.

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✎ Anonymous: I really don't understand your emotions towards Lisa. Either you like someone or you don't. You're so bipolar when it comes to her.

It’s not a black and white subject, you fucking tit. I like weddings and I horseride — right there, I have two things in common with her but she doesn’t talk extensively about either subject and she usually says stupid things so I don’t get the chance to show my like side of her, but I do defend her against anons so there’s something. I’m not ‘bipolar’ which is also kind of offensive, just saying.

Lisa is like that friend you can put up with but only for like half a day then you have to go home and not talk to them for three weeks.

Now, either you send me stupid messages or you don’t, and I would rather you don’t. Bye.

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✎ Anonymous: can we pls talk about Alex's new sunglasses. they are horrible and make his face look really weird.

I didn’t think they were so bad…

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✎ Anonymous: Why is it making me laugh that Jack, Alex, and Lisa all got their hair done together? Lol who does that?

Them, apparently.

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✎ Anonymous: I think it's time for everyone to realize myself included that Alex has grown up A LOT over the last few years. He's still the Alex we all know and love but he's different in a lot of ways too. He's more settled down, more open, less anxious, more content. He seems happy with Lisa and I don't think it's fair to say he sucks at relationships because If eel like he's changed a lot. Just my opinion but yeah. He's really different now and not in a bad way. Just something I've observed over time.

Yes, this is a popular discussion topic, thanks for weighing in…

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✎ Anonymous: What did Alex tweet tay about ?

What if you… I don’t know, looked at his Twitter?

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✎ Anonymous: Alex just tweeted Tay!!!


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✎ Anonymous: I feel like even though I'm not fond of Lisa and Alex's relationship at all, they're perfect for each other. Alex sucks at relationships and he has Lisa to do all the lovey dovey work.

Oh, yeah, sounds perfect, relationship goals, hashtag it.

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✎ Anonymous: Well, it was interesting enough for you to create this blog and interesting enough for me to come here everyday. Now it's just like "eeh, they are together, so what?"

It was an entertainment source. Just because it’s ‘quiet’ right now doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. Besides, there’s other fandom gossip to discuss.

If it’s boring you can unfollow, I don’t really mind or care.

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✎ Anonymous: Do you think that lisa has ever sent nudes to alex?


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✎ Anonymous: This Lisex shit is getting old. It's not interesting anymore

Was it ever?

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✎ Anonymous: I'm excited for next year because extensive atl touring which mean Alex won't be home as often. And that means less lisex selfies. Thank god, this year was torture

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✎ Anonymous: it's weird some people think that of her because i've ALWAYS seen her as sort of the opposite. aside from the annoying selfies she lets alex get away with murder and seems really independent. like she always wants to be known for things other than him and goes out of her way to say she is her own person.

Ah, that’s true, but that doesn’t mean she can’t also be the annoying girl that talks about her boyfriend all the time in real life.

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✎ Anonymous: do you realize if these sheets were the states is probably about Lisa? cause I just made that connection

Duh. But it’s not confirmed so… whatever. I don’t have to picture her dumb face when I hear it.

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