✎ Anonymous: I used to be really anti-Lisex and hate Lisex and the whole lot. But now, I really don't care and that makes me feel so much happier. Though they aren't my favorite couple in the world, I do think that whatever they have is special enough to keep going back to each other and I hope we can all see that someday and accept it and be happy all together! :-)

Yes, this is essentially my entire Lisex attitude, thanks for summing it up.

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✎ Anonymous: This is a secondary blog right? Just wondering, is this blog on the same email/connected to your person blog? Just wondering ok sorry if u dont get it

It’s a secondary blog meaning that yes, it is connected to my main email / personal account.

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✎ Anonymous: It's a figure of speech. I don't get why you dissected that sentence like it actually meant something. All I'm saying is that she goes through it and reads all the comments, which means that if fans want to comment, the best thing to do is just comment nicely. All hate is bad hate and while sometimes Lisa can be annoying, there's no reason to use that as an excuse to talk poorly about her to her.

It’s not like I analysed one word, it was a sentence that you typed and it’s not a figure of speech either. 

Apart from that, I agree with you. 

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✎ Anonymous: I never said there was anything wrong with reading comments, so I don't contradict myself. I was just saying that she has less people commenting on her photos compared to Alex's, so she can and does go through the comments. I would do the same if I was her

Saying she has nothing better to do is silly though.

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✎ Anonymous: This is probably a shot in the dark and really outlandish but, I was thinking that over the past year some aspects of Alex and Lisa's relationship have become really similar to parts of Cassadee and Rian's, at least online. Like, sometimes Alex uses exact words when tweeting Lisa as Rian did tweeting Cass. I get that Alex and Lisa are being more open, but in the past (like in the Kerrang interview) Alex has compared his relationships to Cass' and Rian's and said he wants to be more like them

That is probably more a case of friends picking up habits from each other, which happens more often that not. 

He’s probably made a good move aiming to be more like Cass and Rian though. I doubt he’s going as far as copying what they say online, he’s still his own person, so that’s probably an accident. 

Good eye for noticing that though.

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✎ Anonymous: That anon wasn't being clear. Literally you can post anything, but within reason. Lisa has nothing better to do but go through her comments and see 14 year old girls worshiping her because of her boyfriend. If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it. It's as simple as that. Fans keep testing Lisa then ridiculing her for standing up for the hate or mentioning a weird trend that's going on

I’m just gonna back up and correct this and say what’s wrong with reading comments? For God’s sake. That one little sentence just contradicted the entire point. 

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b-j-d: I just told him to keep his pants on. I swear. But my cousin and Jack had a rather interesting moment. It was completely by accident (I still say Jack set it up on purpose) and it sort of went head meet crotch. I swear it was innocent, on her part!

I think I need the full story here, this is intriguing. 

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✎ Anonymous: I feel like something went downhill when alex got that undercutish (?) haircut

Downhill how?

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✎ Anonymous: So what DOES Lisa want fans to comment on her pictures? They can't poke fun of Alex or call her mom (which I agree is creepy) does she just want compliments or..?

Firstly, it wasn’t poking fun at Alex, it was just downright mean, basically. Secondly, everyone wants compliments, what’s your point? There’s more than just those three options for comments to make.

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✎ Anonymous: Why do you hate daddy kink so much?

I wouldn’t say I hate it. Kink-shaming is wrong, it’s just one that reeeally doesn’t float my boat. I just don’t understand it. Why would you want to call someone daddy in bed? Doesn’t it remind you of your actual father? Ick.

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✎ Anonymous: What do you think of Alex calling lisa stuff like the love of his life or his best friend or the best thing to ever happen to him? Do you think he means it? I know a lot of people say they're just going through the motions but alex seems like a guy who is very in tune with his emotions and I can't picture him speaking so highly about someone he didn't honestly think was the great love of his life.

He wouldn’t say it if he didn’t mean it.

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✎ Anonymous: Out of all of the guys, Jack and Zack would be amazing to do anything related to watersports. I don't know if I'm putting Zack on the list because a.) we've all seen his dick and it's pretty or b.) because there's a photo of him pissing in a car. But both of them seem perfect to try it out with

Excuse you, have you SEEN Jack’s pissing picture? It trumps Zack’s by miles.

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b-j-d: " I don’t comment on his photos asking him to piss on me or whatever." maybe somebody should...just to watch the chaos it would cause among the others. I can tell you, Jack is okay with sexual things happening or being said to him :D j/k about commenting of course, but not the rest ;)

What have you said to him, young lady?

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gaskarthswift: I hate lisa so much. I back her 100% on that fucking tweet. I see it all the time and it is. so. fucking. gross. I ain't one of those God worshipers who preach to everyone but when I see that shit it's like hello here is a copy of the holy bible ya nasty asses need Jesus fuck lisa is so not wrong to call creepy creepy

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✎ Anonymous: So watic are in the same city because they are rehearsing for tour and Rob chianelli (idk about the other members) is with ATL and at their show so maybe taylex or baradine?

Well we know Taylex won’t happen again BUT I HOLD ONTO HOPE FOR BARADINE!

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