✎ Anonymous: You said you don't hate watic, and you make up excuses for when people have negative stories about them. Yet, you dislike lisa, and whenever there's a bad story about her you seem to think it could be believable. What?

Hm, nope, go back.

I said I like to think that WATIC aren’t rude but there are just so many stories of Tay being really disinterested that it can’t all be blamed on bad days. 

I don’t hate WATIC, their music is okay, I just don’t particularly care for all the members. I like Jordan and Cam is hot and Tay is hot but, eh. Don’t really care about them, y’know?

I can give Lisa the benefit of the doubt occasionally, I defend her rather a lot, actually. But there’s a lot of solid evidence of her being a two-faced cunt. So…

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✎ Anonymous: I'll chime in with my story about when I met WATIC. Jordan was absolutely the nicest. He's awkward but not in the way Tay and Cameron are where he's still very approachable and sweet. Honestly and rest of WATIC besides Jordan and Rob acted like they couldn't be bothered. It was the kind of niceness I imagine Lisa does where they smile to your face and you can practically feel them rolling their eyes and mocking you as you walk away. NOT something I would expect from them. Very disappointed.

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✎ Anonymous: Hey I know I'm a bit late to the party but what was Tay doing at the apmas to make her seem awkward? I can't find a video or anything..

Try the Alternative Press YouTube.

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✎ Anonymous: Mike also talked to my friend, and Tay complimented her phone case. The second time I met them Jordan was late to their signing and I saw him walking towards us and I screamed his name and made everyone look at him haha he was so sweet

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✎ Anonymous: I met watic 2! Both times they were incredibly sweet. I was really nervous the first time, it was a signing. Rob was really happy and enthusiastic, Tay was sweet, Jordan completely ignored me, Cameron was very sweet and exclaimed "hey!" Mike waved.

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✎ Anonymous: I would blame it all on a bad day/them being tired. I met them at Warped and Jordan was extremely nice, as were Cameron and Mike, Rob didn't really say anything but Tay was kinda just eh.. like everyone said-- standoffish. I tried talking to her but it was extremely awkward. She seemed like she didn't wanna be there. I would blame it all on a bad day/them being tired. But even then, it's their job and it's disappointing because I'm a fan who adores Tay and all I got was coldness from her.

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alltimejackalow: I see controversy over WATIC, and even though I don't like their music, I do think they're pretty chill people. I actually got to see them interact with my friend yesterday at their warped M&G. I stood to the side by the tent while my friend met them and they didn't seem any different than expected at a little photo-opt. My friend went in to bump fists with them all and when got to Tay, she put her hand as a high five instead of a fist and Tay laughed really hard and hugged her. Seemed nice

That’s good to hear, I don’t really like the negative stories ‘cause I don’t hate WATIC.

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✎ Anonymous: I feel like the person who's made the biggest "transformation" is Cassadee. I mean, she grew out her hair and took out the blonde streaks and started wearing dresses and heels all the time and idk, I think it really suits her. For some reason I just can't get used to it with Tay? Like that other anon said, I just get the feeling that she's trying too hard. Sorry if this is redundant haha. By the way, this blog is my favorite <3

Doesn’t she have blonde bits again? Not that it looked bad on her.

I still think it’s cute when Cass posts a photo in ‘lazy’ clothes with Rian though.

And thanks!

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✎ Anonymous: So I cannot for the life of me find any videos of Tay at the APMAs on YouTube. Where are they?

On the actual Alternative Press (that’s right, isn’t it?) YouTube.

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fringeharrys: I don't understand why people are saying Tay is a standoffish, I met her at the House of Blues and she was really sweet! Cam was a bit shy tho. They were all nice in general. Tay wore a simple glamour kills tank top, skinny jeans and vans. I guess just recently during Warped she started wearing dresses. She was also very nice answering me on Twitter the two times, as well as Cameron.

I’ve had SO many people tell me some of them, especially Tay, are very stand-offish and I blame it on bad days but seriously guys, this is your job.

She got really girly about a year and a half ago, I think, but she still likes wearing her old clothes so I don’t see the big deal…

She’s actually replied to me on Twitter before and it was the best, haha.

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✎ Anonymous: I love WATIC, and Tay was my ultimate girl crush (and I do ship Baradine) but when I met WATIC she seemed very.. idk kinda mean almost? Like she didn't want to be there whatsoever. I still love her, but I got kind of a bitchy vibe when I was talking to her... maybe she was tired or having an off day, idk.

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✎ Anonymous: I didn't think Mike was an asshole when I met him. He was actually really nice/funny when I talked to him and he smiled and waved at me when my friend and I yelled that we loved him lol.

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✎ Anonymous: Jordan: he's quiet but is nice. Cameron: quiet as well but isn't as nice as Jordan. Very similar to Tay with how standoffish he is with fans. Rob: a ball of energy but arrogant. Mike: he gives off a vibe that he hates everyone but he really is a dick. He doesn't say a word to fans and denies pictures. Tay: just awkward and thinks that you're below her. Can be nice but to the majority of people I've met, she's just a mean person. She's stuck up, which is similar to Mike.

Hm. Yeah, Jordan always seemed like the sweetheart. 

I want there to be solid evidence of Tay being a bitch though, I wonder if there is any.

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✎ Anonymous: I think everyone was unprepared at that thing. But honestly, Tay does come off as someone that doesn't want to be bothered. She's a little bit of a stuck up asshole. I love her for her music, but I can't stand her personality. She makes herself out to be the dumb cute girl, but in reality she's really dumb and a bitch. I don't mean to sound cold, but she irks me in the wrong way, her whole band does actually.

I like Jordan, he seems really genuinely sweet and I wish he got more spotlight. And I want to believe Cameron is nice because baaabe. I would bang Tay. Don’t really care about the rest of them.

I know a lot of people hate Tay but nobody seems to have solid reasons as to why.

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✎ Anonymous: I feel like Tay wore something that Haley Williams would have worned and Haley wore something that Tay could have pulled off at the APmas

They both suited their outfits in my opinion, and they could have pulled off either or?

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