✎ Anonymous: Rarely are someone's feelings about someone else completely black-and-white. Eve dislikes certain aspects of Lisex's relationship/Alex and Lisa themselves, but she's able to recognize when other people are nit-picking and/or being plain hateful towards them. That's pretty cool, if you ask me.

This is very nice!

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✎ Anonymous: Your feelings towards both Alex and Lisa are so...jumbled. You hate certain things they do yet you stick up for them if someone talks badly about them and then you get on a rampage about how you dislike them again. Literally so strange.

I don’t understand people’s confusion unless you’re all stupid. Are you stupid?

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✎ Anonymous: Excuse you, I never said anything about Alex's hairline, so mentioning it was irrelevant when I was talking about how Lisa looked. If we're going to talk about everyone and their mother's hairlines then let's talk about Lebron's fucked up hairline.

Chill, yo.

21 Sep 14 via

✎ Anonymous: When did Lisa start wearing the key necklace again? Also, her hair looks SO much better than before.

Years ago?

21 Sep 14 via

✎ Anonymous: Her hairline is fine?? If we're going to talk receding hairlines let me direct you to Alex's instagram, anon.

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✎ Anonymous: Lisa looks like some weird ass pornstar that would have her porns aired on HBO because she thinks she's sophisticated enough for paid television. But it looks better! Her hairline though 😕😕


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✎ Anonymous: Help me Eve... I think I'm falling to the dark side... Lisa looks SO GOOD with the short hair. Wot the fuck man

Wow! I think it’s definitely less boring now, suits her more? Makes her look less run-down and in her mid-thirties. The long, simple do just wasn’t for her any more, I don’t think.

While I still don’t find her all that attractive, that is a definite improvement. She looks good!

21 Sep 14 via

✎ Anonymous: on mobile when I try to go to your FAQ I can't cause when I click on the lite drop down thingy I get the archive, the ask, the little why thing and then submit

Huh. I’m not sure why that is, if the Why? page is there but not the others…

It’s just /faq after the URL though.

20 Sep 14 via

✎ Anonymous: There are literally pictures of Lisa with exboyfriends... Just because she doesn't have 3000 pictures of her exes on social media doesn't mean she doesn't have any. You're just as bad as the stalker fangirls.

How am I just as bad, just because I haven’t seen photos?

Enlighten and show me, o’ wise anon.

Read as: back it up with some proof, cunt-face.

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If you are Scottish like myself, please stay safe tonight. Take down your yes stickers and Scottish flags, people are being attacked.

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✎ Anonymous: what are band whore blogs

Don’t even wanna go there tonight. They’re lies and slander about bands.

19 Sep 14 via

✎ Anonymous: If blogging about something you disagree with makes you happy, go for it. It's not like you're hurting anyone. I did something crazy involving a musician in a band that toured with ATL. I won't say who for privacy reasons, but all I will say is I 110% did not hook up with him and people treated me like I was the second coming of Ali King. Like you, I was doing something that satisfied me and wasn't hurting anyone. Fuck the haters, they've got nothing better to do anyway.

Something crazy? I’m curious.

Yeah, see, people are just… it’s the kind of skank shit-talking that’s all over band-whore blogs, as far as I can see. They’re idiots. 

19 Sep 14 via

✎ Anonymous: you sad, sad person.

I could say the same about you, darling.

17 Sep 14 via

✎ Anonymous: Eve you literally are the most amazing person in the world. You should have a fanbase... Eveians lol just kidding, but you're absolutely fabulous.

You are so sweet.

Actually, I’d like to call them the Eevees, like the Pokemon? Yeah.

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