✎ Anonymous: It's a bolero hat

That’s the word! I couldn’t remember what it was called but I knew it wasn’t a fedora. 

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✎ Anonymous: As much as I dislike Lisex, the picture that Lisa posted of her, Alex, and Presley was fucking cute as hell.

It looks like they have a child and I suddenly feel very fucking ill.

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✎ Anonymous: the song mood rings by relient k reminds me of lisa for some reason

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✎ Anonymous: If you have to write paragraphs about your emotions towards someone then there is something wrong. Your novel of a message expressing your feelings towards Lisa didn't make a bit of sense. It's also kind of odd to me that you got so upset over my message saying that you have conflicted feelings about one specific human being. Bizarre.

Ooh, check the fuckin’ psychologist in my ask.

Once again, I’ve been misread. I am not upset, Jesus, d’you think I’d be running a blog like this if I got wound up over shit like that? Nah mate. Simply a correction. 

I explained it that way because I suppose I can be quite wordy, and you are apparently too stupid to understand the short explanation in the FAQ. It makes perfect sense to me, I really don’t know what world you’re living in.

You know what’s odd to me? That you seem bothered enough over something you don’t have to look at by coming back to my ask again. So bizarre. 

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✎ Anonymous: what was the youtube link on the side baar it says its not available

Fuck, I meant to replace that. It was a video from Alex’s channel but it’s now deleted. His channel, I mean. Bastard.

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✎ Anonymous: dont u think alex and jack aren't even bffs anymore they don't seem it

You’re dumb. Are you Jack or Alex? No. They’ve hung out a lot recently, where’s your head?

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✎ Anonymous: Alex's current hair reminds me of 2011, except it's brunet instead of blond. I had that realization when I was looking at the photos from the party at The Rockwell from last night. I know that you're not fond of his 2011 hair, but I think it's kinda cute. And I also love his fedoras.

I like his hats too but I’m pretty sure it’s not a fedora. 

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Hair. No. Nope.

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✎ Anonymous: zack posted a picture a few weeks ago of him with a bunch of girls (probably bridesmaids??) with the caption "who's your daddy"

I think I remember the one you mean. 

But, if this is indicating that Zack is into daddy!kink, it doesn’t mean anything. That’s a somewhat popular phrase for whatever reason, so…

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✎ Anonymous: Since Alex dates such baby-faced girls, do you think he likes to be called daddy?

No. That’s gross, you’re gross, get out. 

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✎ Anonymous: "Gonna make that boy mot sugar daddy" OMFG, yes. I love you so much, Eve.

The concept of a sugar daddy is dumb to me but if I was gonna fucking have one, Jack seems like an underrated choice, damn it.

I feel like this is gonna prompt a discussion about daddy!kink and I don’t wanna go there.

31 Aug 14 via

✎ Anonymous: so Jack is part owner in a bar, I must say I am impressed. I've worked in that environment, I wouldn't want to own one. Way to go Jacko!

He is seriously fucking loaded. Band, clothing line, rents out places in Baltimore and now he owns a fucking bar. No wonder he’s always on vacation.

Gonna make that boy my sugar daddy, I swear to fuck.

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✎ Anonymous: I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. Some girl is doing a giveaway of a random book she likes signed by her. She tagged in a ton of band member imagine tags like I'm honestly embarrassed for her

Oh my lorddd.

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✎ Anonymous: Do people actually believe band whore blogs? Some of the things they say, it's just like what the fuck. For example, I went to the first one that came up, and someone asked how to hook up with jack barakat, and they said he stopped hooking up and is only hooking up with people he has previously hooked up with/that he knows. How in the actual fuck would they get this information? From bullshit sources. (This is referring to the whole band whore conversation with jack, love you by the way!)

Everything they say is contradictory and I just. I want to kill people.

31 Aug 14 via

✎ Anonymous: yea but still it's kind of funny to think about.,I know the whole band has matured as a whole, but I guess it's just more noticeable with alex because he talks the most in interviews idk

He’s still a lot the same, just… yeah, a big boy now.

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✎ Anonymous: to me it seems as if alex has changed the most over the past 3 or 4 years

Well, he’s become an adult, so.

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